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Information for organisers

1.  How to add information into Window of Culture?

Adding events or recreational activities into Window of Culture is free of charge.

Information on events and recreational activities taking place in Rakvere and Lääne-Viru County is preferred.

New information can be added in Estonian, English and Russian, with or without logging in.


 Organisers are always recommended to log in (by using social media) to add new information, as this makes it possible to later manage and edit previous entries.

When logging in with Google, you will have a single account history in the Organizer view. Therefore, we recommend that you use the same login method at all times.

Users cannot later edit already entered information if they did not log in. For this, please contact the system administrator: kultuuriaken@rakvere.ee

2.  What is the difference between events and recreational activities?

Events are usually gatherings organised for entertainment purposes such as theatre plays, concerts, films, sports events, festivals etc.

Recreational activities, however, require more active involvement from participants. They are primarily for educational and self-improvement purposes, taking place over a longer period of time.

Recreational activities include, for example, different hobby clubs, sports practices, training courses etc.

3.  How to add recreational activities into Window of Culture?

Recreational activities (hobby clubs, sport practices, trainings, camps, workshops, etc.) can be added into Window of Culture based on the main information of the activity and also in more detail by groups.


 When filling in the form for adding recreational activities, enter, in the very beginning, the general name of your recreational activity (e.g. "Football for children" or "English course for beginners").

It is visible only to you in the Organiser's view, and you can add information about different groups of this specific activity in the same form (e.g. "Football for 5-7 year olds" or "Group I of the English beginners course").

If the recreational activity only has one group, enter the general name of the activity as the group name.

In the Organiser’s view, these groups are shown under the general name you entered first, but in normal view, all the groups you have entered are shown separately.



If you do not want to add recreational activities in detail by groups and/or time, select "Enter the main information of the event" in block 3 of the form.

This way, you can add the main information about your recreational activity with date only.

In either case, the general name entered first at the beginning of the form will not appear in the normal view search.

4.  Advertising opportunities in Rakvere

Prisma net, triangles 4 x Rakvere 2 x Tapal 1 x Tamsalu Marco Rüütel, 508200, marco@prismanet.ee

JCDecaux 11 x Rakvere, different formats

Clear Channel 1 x triangle Laada 41 wall poster http://pilari.lv/v3/campaign.php/0ef3b87165cca2d40334a4311032018c Fred Nagelmann, 555 62200, frednagelmann@clearchannel.ee

Siris, bus stop shelters 10 x Rakvere Harri Ots, 5662 7288, harri@siris.ee

Art Depot screen on Tsentrum in Rakvere, a large poster in Rakvere when driving towards Vaala center, advertising space in the parking lot of Rakvere Põhjakeskus, large poster at Haljala https://artdepoo.ee/en/rakvere/ info@artdepoo.ee

Viru Reklaam OÜ Tallinn Street advertising trailers info@virureklaam.ee Jaanek Budrikas next to Inglise Pubi, the advertising trailer stand opposite Adoffi 2 building.

Digital screens inside Põhjakeskus info@digiekraanid.ee

City screen, the screen attached to the building of Põhjakeskus info@linnaekraanid.ee

Posters in Rakvere Theater House, Kroonikeskus, Central Library, Music School, Sports Hall, Open Youth Center, Day Center for the Elderly, Kesk Street, Fountain Park, Tammiku Street, Tuleviku Street, Killustiku Street, Lennuki Street, Põhjakeskus

Rakvere Cultural Center offers poster installation within the city. The installation of posters is free of charge if the organizer is an institution managed by the Rakvere City Government or the advertised event takes place in the premises of the Rakvere Cultural Center.

For a fee, we place posters on public billboards in the city of Rakvere and in other public places. The price of the service for posters in format A3 and A4 is 20 euros/2 weeks and for posters in format A2 are 30 euros/2 weeks. The service includes the installation of 15 posters.

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